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So, here are a few tips to use when hiring a new handyman.

Definitely “DO” these 3 things:
1. Check his references. Ask for 3 references and actually CALL them. When talking to the references, ssk if the Millbrae Handyman was (a) skilled (b) punctual (c) completed the job as promised. Checking on job references that are similar to what you need done is helpful too. If you need a deck refinished, ask for references your Millbrae Handyman did woodworking on.
2. Talk about the price upfront. Find out if the Millbrae Handyman is going to charge hourly or for the job. Get into the specifics on how his terms work and what type of payments he accepts. Get things in writing.
3. Get a second opinion. Even if it is from a family member that is a contractor or another Millbrae Handyman. It is helpful to create a reference point for the work you are going to get done. It’s ok to get more than one estimate. A lot of times we go with the first bid we receive. Do that is you are confident you found the right person.

3 things you “DON’T” what to do:
1. Don’t pay for everything upfront or before he does any work. It is often times customary to pay for a portion up front, maybe for the Millbrae Handyman’s material costs or even 10-40% of what the estimated cost will be. It is unlikely that handyman will ask for the entire amount upfront. And if that is expected or required, get a second opinion.
2. Do not accept a verbal estimate from your Millbrae Handyman. It is good to get things in writing. That way, at the end of the job, you can check off all the things that were promised in the estimate prior to final payment.
3. Do not hire a handyman that is not licensed or a handyman that does not have the proper insurance. Your home is probably your largest asset, it is important to protect it. The Millbrae Handyman will have a copy of his license and his insurance paperwork to show you. It will be on his person or in his truck. If he can’t show you the documents you want to see, get a new person.

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