Written by: “Sally the San Mateo Housewife”


Why is it that nowadays, you can’t get a San Mateo handyman to render a same day appointment?


I picked up the perfect chevron print curtains for my daughter’s room, brought them home and began my search for a local handyman in San Mateo County.  Something simple like handing curtains, I thought I’d be able to get it all done in one day. It sounds simple, right? Well, to my surprise, it was more complicated. Way more complicated.


I went on my trusted source on the world wide web. The first few search results were handymen from Yelp, Angie’s list and so on. So I narrowed it down to one local guy. I took the 650 phone number and called… It routed to a foreign dispatcher in a noisy call center. Not my cup of tea, so I hung up. I looked on a local review site and picked the next San Mateo Handyman I found. This time, I left a voicemail for “Rick.” After 2 hours and no response, I sent Rick a text message.


I wrote, “Hi, this is Sally, I’m in Burlingame and I’d like to hang some curtains, are you available today?”

Rick instantly writes back, “Sally, can you send me a photo of the area.”

Me, “here you go… plus pic.” (Wow, what did we ever do before smart phones? This is pretty efficient right? Hang on before you shout out, “YES.”)

Rick, “ok. I can be there on Saturday to give you a quote and do the job.”

Me, “What time on Sat?”

… I have a 2 year old and 5 year old. My weekends consist of bounce houses, face painting, birthday cakes and goody bags I ransack for choking hazards.

Rick, “Around 1.”
Me, “That won’t work, can you come during the week?”

Rick, “I can come on Weds morning at 9.”

Me, “Great, see you then.”


It was a Thursday.  Does it really take 6 full days for a handyman to show up at your doorstep? Apparently, yes.


So the following Weds morning, Rick shows up with a level in one hand and a power tool in the other. He came in, gave me a quote, installed the curtain rod in under 15 mins and left with $85.


Was it expensive? It sure wasn’t cheap. I didn’t think the cost of the curtain rod and curtain installation by a San Mateo Handyman would match the cost of the materials.

Did he do a good job? Yes. He was professional, fast, reliable and hyper local.


What would I have wanted done differently? I wish I didn’t have to wait 6 days for a handyman to show up.


Using instaBELL can save you time and time is money.


Call or text your request to: 415-941-8090. We’ll be able to send out a local handyman within one business day. Our handymen are located throughout San Francisco and San Mateo Counties and they can help hang up curtain rods. Probably the same day. Contact us today, our customer service will amaze you!